I think the biggest thing for me yesterday was how you made everyone feel comfortable, you kept the whole group in line whenever they tried to break away and I’m shocked at how well you did in getting me to come out of my shell in the acting sessions. It was good to learn the changes in relation to broken limbs, the CPR on the babies and young kids was important to me, the information surrounding the mucous plug caused by drowning was invaluable and something I was not aware of, the emergency apps that you bought to my attention and I guess the information surrounding possible symptoms surrounding heart conditions, stroke and heat stress was well worth being refreshed. Given that I’m getting older, the latter were probably the most invaluable. I can’t thank you enough for your absolute professionalism and dedication to your course content. I was wiped by the end of the session and feel I got tremendous value from the course. I would highly recommend you as a trainer any and every day of the week.